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In today's fast moving property market, technology gives you a competitive advantage. Business is won by those companies who can respond more quickly than the competition - armed with the information or presentation that will find the prospect or secure the contract.

Foreground software can provide all this information at your fingertips. It can help streamline your entire operation, leaving you free to concentrate on more profitable activities.

The application meets the needs of all sectors within the property industry. It is used by:

  • Individual real estate sales people, franchise operators and independent real estate offices
  • International commercial agencies and managers looking after extensive portfolios
  • Private property owners managing investment properties
  • Corporates and government departments.

Companies have realised the benefits of using one industry specific package. By working closely with a number of sites in Property Management and Real Estate, Foreground has emerged as an industry leader. Foreground was developed by people with a property background, so they understand your industry and needs.

It is, quite simply, the industry standard

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